‘Ball Red Teen’ Ahn Ji-young, Woo Ji-yoon Unfollow SNS… Dissolving the brush again

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Woo-yoon Yoon (left) and Ahn Ji-young (right), who ate Hansot-bap at the female duo ball red adolescence, were caught up in discord again. Currently, Woo Ji-yun has left the team and turned to solo.

On the 3rd, an online community posted an article stating that Woo Ji-yun disappeared from Ahn Ji-young’s Instagram friend list.

A list of Instagram friends of Woo Ji-yoon and former colleague An Ji-young who left the ball red teen and turned to solo. Ahn Ji-young’s account remains on Woo Ji-yun’s list (pictured on the left), but Woo Ji-yun’s account cannot be found on Ahn Ji-young’s list (pictured on the right). Photo = Woo Ji Yoon, An Ji Young Instagram

In fact, Ahn Ji-young’s account remains in Woo Ji-yoon’s Instagram friend list, but when she searches for Woo Ji-yun’s account in Ahn Ji-young’s account, the article’User not found’ appears.

The netizens replied, “There must be a reason for unfollowing (unfollowing) friends” in the comments.

Ahn Ji-young and Woo Ji-yun have been engulfed in this suspicion twice.

The two alumni of Yeongju Girls’ High School in Gyeongbuk made their debut as a ball red teen by appearing in the cable channel Mnet’s audition program’Superstar K6′ in 2014.

At the time, Ahn Ji-young appeared on the MBC entertainment program’Radio Star’ and said, “Woo Ji-yun talked a lot about wanting to rest.”

Subsequently, in the new song’Dodo’ released by Woo Ji-yun last month, it was observed that Ahn Ji-young targeted Ahn Ji-young and sniped.

Actually, this song contains lyrics such as’You push me and intercept me’,’I’m worried, I’m you, I’m glad I’m out’.

In this regard, Woo Ji-yoon posted a post on Insta and explained that it was completed in the summer of last year before the discord was raised.

On the other hand, after the withdrawal of Woo Ji-yoon, the red-haired puberty is reorganized into a single-person system by Ahn Ji-young and continues to work.

Woo Ji-yoon is working as a solo artist under the name of’Stranger Child’.

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