Average Time Young People Spend On Screen Time Has Doubled Since 2015 – Keep distance from smartphone, mobile is becoming the main reason for stress

Through letters, telegraphs and landlines, today, smartphone has gone to the forefront of bringing people closer and as a major means of communication. Today, the world runs with information and the one who is the most informed is also the most powerful. But now this smartphone is becoming the enemy of our health. We are the reason for this because the phone is becoming dominant in our health standards due to our bad habits. If our smart phone goes away from us for a while, switches off or the battery runs out, then we get upset. Some people are living life under stress due to this. But why are we becoming such slaves with this small device?

Update addiction spoiled the game
In fact, today the competition to be at the forefront, to be always updated and our curiosity to know about everything has played an important role in cultivating this bad habit. In an event at Thrive Global and Tech Generation, author Mike Brooks said that the spirit of leaving everyone behind has made us slaves of the smartphone. Repeated phone checking is an example of this so that no one gets ahead of us, so keep updating yourself. In this, the Internet has also spoiled our habits. Actually, the reality is that the Internet has made life difficult rather than easy.

Screen time doubled in four years
The time spent on mobile, laptop and video games in the younger generation, especially young children, has doubled in just four years. It also has the highest screen time on videos viewed on YouTube. It has been an hour per day in four years, whereas earlier it used to be only 30 minutes. A recent survey conducted by the non-profit organization Common Sense Media revealed these things. According to the results of the survey, there has been no significant change in screen time in children since 2015. On an average, children aged 8 to 12 are spending 4 hours 44 minutes a day on their gadgets. At the same time, teenagers of 13 to 19 years are spending time on these gadgets for 7 hours 22 minutes. It excludes screen time used during school and homework.

Just understand the problem of smartphone
Online video viewing time doubled in 4 years
-Do not bring a baby under the age of 12 months (WHO)
– Screen time (WHO) of 2 to 4 year olds not to exceed 60 minutes
YouTube has more than 200 million users worldwide
YouTube launched a separate channel for children in 2015
More than 1600 children from 8 to 18 years were included in the survey of the organization
-53 per cent of children get a smartphone till the age of 11
By the age of 12 years, this figure reaches 69 percent
-31 percent of tweens like to play video games on their gadgets
-02 percent of youth prefer video chatting or listening to favorite music

These measures can avoid trouble
The first thing is that we cannot abruptly stop using the smartphone. You have to think what is the most important thing for you and which work can be stopped. You can mute certain groups and choose the social media platforms on which you want to be active. To avoid such time and stress, keep different ringtones for different social media platforms so that you know what is the most important information. With this you will be able to decide on your own choice, to whom you have to answer or not. This will keep your time, energy and health safe. Another important thing is to explain to yourself that it is not necessary to keep updated with every information. If one finds out about one news late, it will not stop life. Therefore, it is important to keep boundaries about your relationship with people. This option is difficult, but will make your trouble easier.

We cannot deny the strass from smartphones and its social media apps. This smartphone is also the reason for phobobia, stress and anxiety. But it depends on your hand and your own judgment how you can reduce your stress.