Aurora Ramazzotti sent on TV in the Adriana Volpe program: interview the ‘children of …’: the images

Aurora Ramazzotti is proud of her new role as sent in program by Adriana Volpe and Alessio Viola “Every morning”. Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker’s daughter interviews i ‘son of…’, guys who want to emerge into the world of showbiz children of famous people, just like her. Her work as a journalist on Tv8 gratifies her very much and in the images video shows all his happiness.

Aurora Ramazzotti sent on TV in the Adriana Volpe program: interview the ‘children of …’: the images

He wakes up at dawn and gets ready: make-up and wig session and off we go on the air. Aurora has chosen her path: she wants to find a defined space on television and slowly, slowly her chances are fully played.

The 23 year old enthusiastic about the new job as a journalist on TV 8

Expert in the social world, very popular with her nearly two million followers, now an example also in the world of wellness thanks to her live web workouts, Aury was called on the broadcast to ask questions to the very young, her peers, too often labeled as ‘Recommended’ because ‘son of’. Ramazzotti knows what it feels like to be considered simply like this: she has long been attacked for this reason by the haters. At first she suffered, then she learned not to care, she went on, pushing to reach her goals.

Aury in conjunction with ‘Every morning’ on Tv8 together with Leo Gassmann

Now on TV as an envoy Aurora sits and joyful, with the loose talk, asks questions. And when someone talented, such as Leo Gassmann, son of Alessandro Gassmann and grandson of Vittorio, the last winner of Sanremo Giovani, he has no difficulty in underlining his talent and rejoicing with him for the success achieved, with simplicity and without ever getting his head up.

Written by: the 7/7/2020.