Audiweb Weekly: news, entertainment and food the most read categories of sites during the Covid emergency

News & Information, Entertainment e Home & Fashion are the most read categories of sites during the entire Covid-19 emergency period second Audiweb, which analyzed the trends in the Audiweb Weekly report for all the weeks from February 17 to June 7 of the publishers participating in the survey. The company also released data for the week of June 1-7.

News, Broadcaster and Cuisine among the most viewed categories

An analysis of the performance of the most relevant categories of sites has been prepared – News & Information (with the main sub-category Current Events & Global News driving the entire category), Home & Fashion, Entertainment, Family Lifestyle – and enrolled in the Audiwed Weekly survey, so as to represent in a complete and detailed way how much and how the audiences have been influenced by the main events of the months characterized by the pandemic, from Phase 1 which marked the beginning of the lockdown for the whole Italy, at the beginning of Phase 3 of “new normal”.

The trend analysis was elaborated starting from the average variations of the sites in all the weeks from 17 February to 7 June compared to the pre-emergency period (average week 20 / 1-16 / 2). The trends of the individual categories are observed by placing the value of the previous weeks as an index (index 100: average of the 4 weeks 20 / 01-16 / 02).

The overall curve summarizes the general trend of the audience in the various phases of the emergency emergency: it initial momentum, at the start of the first Emergency Phase, with very high variations (index = 170) which gradually decreased but with obvious peaks at decisive events, until strive towards the “new normal”, characterized by more contained data compared to the initial surge, but still slightly higher than the average of the pre-emergency weeks.


Getting to the heart of the different phases of the analyzed period and the trends of the single most relevant categories in Audiweb Weekly, it immediately emerges the initial acceleration of the sites in the News & Information category in correspondence with the news on the first infections, followed by the Broadcasters that affect the Entertainment category. The sustained increase in the Websites of the Home & Fashion category dedicated to cooking and recipes it is followed by decreasing phases alternating with resumptions which maintain higher audience levels even in Phase 2 compared to the pre-virus period.


Phase 1: soaring news sites

The data of the last ten days of February – in conjunction with the first news about patient 1 – show the beginning of a surge which culminated on 11 March, when the government decree declared Italy a “red zone”, in which News & Information sites were the first to be impacted.

The Entertainment category also shows an increasing trend thanks above all to the presence of the main ones broadcasters who resumed the news related to the spread of the emergency.

In the same period the data for the category Home & Fashion, and in particular the Food & Cooking sites, are influenced by the recurrence of the Carnival. The growth of Family & Lifestyle sites is less evident, which contains the main contents dedicated to women, whose slight increase in this period is not attributable to the Covid theme.

From the weeks immediately following the peak of March 11th and until April 26th, therefore in full phase 1 of emergency, we observe valori widely above the average for all the categories observed whose contents, for different reasons, played an important role in the daily lives of Italians.

News & Information sites, thanks to real-time news, have been crucial in responding to the almost compulsive need of be updated on the pandemic and the institutions’ measures. Also important was the role of the websites of the Home & Fashion category which, also due to the impossibility of going out and the approaching Easter holidays, were for the Italians source of inspiration for new recipes and in general for food & cooking themes, thanks to the rediscovery of domestic preparations.

Even the Entertainment category, driven by Broadcasters and sites dedicated to the world of books and reading, has attracted the attention of Italians in search of alternative forms of entertainment showing an average growth despite the suffering of the Sports and Radio sites for which the negative effect of the stop to sports activities and mobility is observed.

Finally also the sites of the category Family & Lifestyle have seen their audience increase, albeit to a lesser extent than the other categories.

This phase proceeds by fluctuations in the various weeks and seems to end concurrently with the announcement, on April 26, of the so-called Phase 2 which, starting from May 4, would have gradually reopened many activities.

Phase 2: towards the normalization of the audience

Just during Phase 2, between 4 May and 3 June, we are starting towards the normalization of the audience and you observe a declining trend across all categories, with data however higher than in the pre-emergency period.

If on the one hand theattention to the economic fallout on the other the less and less critical news from the health front, the resumption of various work activities, the possibility of being able to carry out some sports activities far from home and the newfound mobility within the region temper the explosive effect of the health emergency
on the site audience.

This phase is not without exceptions such as the Home & Fashion categories in the week 11-17 May and Family & Lifestyle in the week 25-31 May whose peaks are attributable to positive performances of individual sites.

New normal: declines for brands as a consequence of reopening

Finally, from June 3 with the total reopening of interregional mobility, it actually returns to the new normal. A different context than the one at the beginning of the emergency in which the categories show values ​​that are close to those of the beginning of February.

In fact, analyzing the trend of the Audiweb Week data of the week from 1 to 7 June just published compared to the previous one, we can see overall drops on most brands. These changes must be read in light of the exit from the full emergency phase and the start of the reopening phase of interregional travel, therefore as a natural consequence with respect to the emergency context. is the most read news site in the week of June 1-7

As for the categories made up of more than 10 brands there is a drop in data for all except Family & Lifestyle which is stable with + 1%. The category News & Information registers -2% while the subcategory Current Events & Global News cala del -6%.

Compared to the pre-Covid period, data from the week between 1 and 7 June reveals a value still sustained for News & Information (+24%) trainata da Current Events & Global News (+ 28%) category for which the first week of June, also thanks to the news of the reopenings and the political news, still represented a period of strong growth.

Still high data also for Home & Fashion (+ 23%) mainly driven by the websites of the Food & Cooking sub-category and a slight growth for Family & Lifestyle. The Entertainment category remains unchanged from the pre-Covid period; this trend is mainly determined by the Broadcast Media sub-category which, coinciding with the end of the television season, begins to record the first data in contraction.

Among the brands, the one with the most unique users is the weather with 17.8 million, followed by the news sites, with 13.3 million, The Republic with 12.5, TgCom with 11.3, Il Messaggero, Fanpage e Daily fact.

Here the table (click on the image to enlarge):

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Also with regard to i “Video” data of the publishers enrolled in this survey in the week 1-7 June, the same trend recorded for the “Text” data is recorded, with declining data for almost all brands that tend to return to pre-emergency levels.

The first brands for unique users in this case are TGCom24 e Fanpage. Here the table (click on the image to enlarge):

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