Audi A4 – Mazda 6 – Double test

AutoWeek 27 2020

This article appeared in AutoWeek 27 2020

Audi has given the A4 a makeover, and a hefty one as well. Apparently the car is still important enough to keep it up to date. But is it enough to keep a fixed value like the Mazda 6 at bay?

From compact Q2 to oversized Q8, many SUVs in the Audi showroom compete for the customer’s favor. Even so, they have not forgotten the regular sedan at Audi, it is still a trusted value in the program. In fact, Audi has given the A4 a thorough update and that is quite a remarkable one. Usually, an interim facelift is not much more than a slightly modified shape of the headlights, a rearrangement of the rear light clusters or perhaps a slightly differently modeled pleat in the bumper. This time, however, they went significantly further in Ingolstadt. Even the sheet metal has been adjusted. And the interior was not left untouched either. It is noteworthy that the metamorphosis also came about quite early in the life cycle of the model; at Audi we sometimes see complete model changes where the differences are smaller.

How different is the course Mazda is taking. The current 6 has only had a few minor retouches in its eight-year (!) Existence and with some electronic adjustments the functionality has been taken to a higher level. They don’t make it that much more exciting at Mazda. However, there are also major similarities between the A4 and the 6: they both operate at the top end of the middle class and they do so with front-wheel drive and rather stubborn engine technology as a basis. So we have the A4 in this comparison with the 40 TFSI engine, a two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 190 hp, and the Mazda with the 2.5 SkyActiv-G 194 with (indeed) 194 hp, both standard in combination with an automatic transmission. With the mentioned engines, the Mazda is available as Luxury from € 49,790 and the Audi for three mille less as the Launch edition Business. In addition, Audi offers a long list of options to dress the car to your own taste or to further increase the functionality. Mazda does not have such a long list of options for the 6; the basic model is already quite complete. Those who want more can order the even more richly decorated Signature version for an additional € 1,000. Or check a few separate options on the order form. You will then be short.

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Audi A4 – Mazda 6 – Double test –

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Audi A4 – Mazda 6 – Double test –

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