According to the Austrian tabloid KronenZeitung, Austria will introduce compulsory vaccination against covid-19 for all citizens at the beginning of 2022, in February at the latest. More and more Austrian politicians have recently called for this politically difficult step, which is currently being considered in all European countries, and the Austrian Medical Chamber has recently spoken out in favor of compulsory vaccination. The introduction of compulsory vaccination was also confirmed by the Austrian Chancellor at today’s press conference no later than 1 February. Alexander Schallenberg and Minister of Health Wolfgang M├╝ckstein.

Calls for the introduction of compulsory vaccination were due to the fact that vaccination coverage in Austria is still too low to successfully combat the delta version of the new coronavirus. This is also supposed to be set by some provincial governors as a condition for Monday’s complete closure of the country. This is still higher than the vaccination rate in Slovenia, where 53.8 percent of the population was fully vaccinated until yesterday. In Austria, according to the online publication Our World and Data, about 65 percent of the population is vaccinated. At the same time, they note that the already compulsory fulfillment of the PC condition, which was introduced in early November, has significantly contributed to higher vaccination coverage, and this should now be upgraded with compulsory vaccination. Those who continue to refuse vaccination are expected to face high fines.

Of course, strong resistance from the unvaccinated part of the population is expected. In France, for example, compulsory vaccination was introduced for all healthcare workers, which was immediately followed by a number of protests. Compulsory vaccination for health professionals has also been introduced in Greece, while compulsory vaccination for all is known only in the Vatican. However, a handful of countries around the world have decided to take this step, such as Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Micronesia and New Caledonia.