At the age of thirteen, he became a CS: GO professional

Brazilian João “⁠Snowzin⁠” Vinicius signed his first professional contract with the BOOM Esports team earlier this week, as the youngest CS: GO professional in history. The first tournament that awaits Snowzina will be the South American “Gamers Club Masters V”. Even though this is not a place in the main table for this young man, but he will only act as a substitute, he will certainly be able to show what he has in him.

“I’m very happy to be able to join BOOM Esports, even if only for one tournament. It’s a dream come true and I believe it’s the result of my passion. I’m ready to show my skills.” Written by Snowzin in a statement for the HLTV platform.

BOOM Esports noticed the young man for the first time through his stream. And although it’s not a permanent part of the main team, it can be a talent that we’ll hear a lot more about in the future. The leadership of his older players, who are at the top of the South American rankings, will certainly help him with all this.