The sign of Sagittarius represents the symbolism of the expansion of space, the ascent to higher spheres of consciousness and cognition, the expansion of knowledge and experiences, as well as the union of our completely material, instinctive, animal part of our being with what constitutes our upgrade, which is our moral code, our beliefs and the union with a complete abundance of everything we need for a quality life with everything the Universe we live in is actually filled with.

Igor Pavluković, astrologer, Astrosymbolica

From the moment Venus in the sign of Libra achieves a relationship with its opposite, i.e. with her life partner in Scorpio, she savors the fruit of that relationship.

After Venus begins to feel the fruit growing in her, after she emotionally connects with it, she experiences a change in her consciousness and her entire nature.

That change takes over her entire nature, and with the entry into the sign of Sagittarius, Venus, which is refined with a new quality that affects the growth and refinement of its essential symbolism, begins to spread more and more and to influence everything that surrounds Venus.

I have already said that Venus conceived a fetus in the previous sign, so as space expands in Sagittarius, so in this case we have a picture of the expansion and growth of the fetus in the woman’s womb. All Venus’s qualities grow and expand here, but so do her natural needs.

This is quite understandable considering that she needs much more natural and material resources for the safe and undisturbed growth of the fetus inside herself. That’s why Venus in Sagittarius first of all needs a lot of space, and that’s why she decorates her place of residence with a lot of taste and style.

Regardless of whether she has extensive or scarce resources at hand at a given moment, she will arrange her living space with what is available to her in such a way that not only she but almost every one of her household and friends will feel comfortable and pleasant. there.

Her living space will exude style and luxury, even if it does not contain branded and expensive things that she will not avoid if she can afford them, but she will certainly pay the most attention to quality and comfort. In her home, the feeling of well-used space will attract your attention the most.

Even if it is just an ordinary room, it will seem much more spacious than it actually is. In addition to taking care of her comfort, Venus in Sagittarius will place special emphasis on the foods in her refrigerator.

Above all, she likes high-quality and strongly spiced food because she needs to satisfy her senses above all, but also because her senses are extremely refined here.

She likes to be surrounded by beautiful things, but above all she has a sporting spirit and as she likes a spacious home, she also likes vastness and distances and is always ready to travel to places where she feels unfettered and where she can express her whole being, without feeling they impose some kind of restrictions.

She needs to be surrounded by people who will have a positive effect on her because she does not like negativity and trivialities. Venus in the sign of Sagittarius has a carefree spirit and sews love and beauty around her, so she seems very attractive to the opposite sex, which is why she is always surrounded by numerous admirers, and is often courted by suitors. She herself enjoys flirting, although this does not mean that she is unfaithful and that she will easily engage in love adventures.

For such a thing, however, one must find a sufficiently skilled and above-average partner who would attract her. She simply likes to be noticed and highlighted for something she can show, which is not only beauty but much more than that. For Venus in Sagittarius, it is important that others notice her intellect and her knowledge, which is why she is always a pleasant interlocutor.

She is full of fruitful ideas and strives for her ideas to be noticed by others, to attract them to join her in their realization, and she is especially devoted to those who support the realization of even one of her ideas. Regardless of the fact that she is rumored to be prone to infidelity and flirtation, it is still much more a trait of Jupiter than of Venus in Sagittarius.

Here, Venus is the most ready to accept moral principles, to adhere to them, but also to take care of putting those principles into practice. She can even privatize celibacy and go to priests or nuns, where in that case she will engage in humanitarian work.

On the other hand, she can also be involved in the field of entertainment and be famous and popular in it.

Venus in Sagittarius enhances the quality of her nature by combining the passions she feels on a deeply material, bodily level with a higher form of expression of that kind of emotional energy.

Instead of having unbridled passions, as in the previous sign, Venus here adds direction to her nature by setting and following a set of unwritten rules, customs, habits and norms that are accepted in the life of the community in which she lives.

Thus, she does not restrain her nature and remains somewhat free, but elevated by a set of social rules and moral principles above what here in the sign of Sagittarius she begins to perceive under the term “dirty”, i.e. animal passions.

Venus here needs to show ethics in her nature, to be exemplary and to upgrade the lower part of her basic nature. At the same time, she does not reject that integral part of herself, but only builds on it, improves it, refines it, which is all symbolic of the Sagittarius sign itself, which is represented by the mythical creature centaur, and which symbolizes the union of animal and human.

She thus develops in herself the concept and feeling of kindness. It comes to the realization that the good in itself does not depend on another being, does not aim at some benefit or interest. As the sign of Sagittarius symbolizes ideals, Venus here begins to strive for the ideal of good. This ideal of good is connected to the concept of the Divine in human nature.

Hence the need for religiosity in Venus in Sagittarius, because in that she finds rules of conduct. Venus in Sagittarius brings us people closer to the feeling of satisfaction, as the feeling of the greatest good. It teaches us that this feeling governs our life and that everything we think and do is directed towards the feeling of comfort.

At the same time, it directs us to evaluate each act according to its consequences, harmfulness and usefulness, because this leads to the happiness of the individual, and thus to the happiness of the whole community. The next thing that Venus in Sagittarius develops and manifests, and thus transmits to us, is the feeling of conscience.

It teaches us how to control and express our actions, and also to question them. It awakens the voice of conscience in us, which we experience most often as a certain feeling in ourselves that serves as a parameter for evaluating our actions.

Thus, precisely in the sign of Sagittarius, Venus can also develop a feeling that we often call “sin”, which is mentioned in many religions, and whose original meaning refers to missing the target when shooting an arrow from the bow.

The goal here represents the concept of good, and when we miss the good, we separate ourselves from that part of our nature and lose that important feeling. That’s why it’s important to have an ideal to guide us in life, and that’s exactly what Venus represents to us here.

Since freedom is important to her above all else, then precisely the ideal of freedom becomes what moves us all. When we have all that, we become happy and satisfied, and that is what Venus wants to achieve here, because it is in accordance with her essential nature.

We become truly happy when we achieve freedom, security, position in society, material goods, inner peace, etc., which we can achieve only with the help of Venus as a symbol of love, beauty and harmony. Thus, through love as Venus’s inseparable symbol, we finally reach the construction of our virtues, which represent the moral quality of a person.

That is why the period when Venus passes through the sign of Sagittarius is excellent for working on the development and refinement of our moral principles, ideals, striving for good and nobility, developing faith in ourselves and higher goals, listening to our conscience and facing our own mistakes in an emotional way. we could correct them.

Only in this way will we be able to feel free and radiate our true virtues, which will give us hope for a better future and seeing ourselves as exemplary people in the society in which we live.

People with Venus in Sagittarius have a carefree nature, are optimists in love, like to spread positive vibes, adore joy and laughter, and all this with good music and quality food. They have refined taste, especially in terms of design, interior design and living space.

These people are often given a bad reputation for being unfaithful people who tend to flirt, but this is not true in most cases because they look at flirting harmlessly as something that confirms their attractiveness in the eyes of others, while they enter into love adventures only in case they meet a partner. who can offer them much more than the one they are already with, and in that case they will be more than faithful and devoted to that new partner.

In their performances, they elevate and manifest moral principles and are always full of faith in a better future and a better world. Their optimism is boundless and contagious. They know how to transfer it to other people, and they themselves try to always be in the company of optimistic and carefree people like themselves.

They need laughter and joy most of all. They need to be on the move and get to know new places, customs, and people. This helps them to expand their horizons and their knowledge. Education is important to them, which they are usually able to combine with their charm, which makes them noticeable wherever they are.

They are noble, humanitarian in nature, and besides people, they love animals, they are even inclined to be activists for the care of wild and endangered animal species, as well as for the preservation of the overall nature.

Due to their free, restless and changeable nature, these people have a sporting spirit, and are especially successful in ball sports, as well as in shooting and riding skills.

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