Associations claim compensation for the “batterygate”

The “batterygate” issue that has affected Apple in recent years is not over yet, given that several European consumer associations are asking for compensation in favor of iPhone owners.

The problem dates back to 2016, when Apple started a free battery replacement program for iPhone 6s that suddenly shut down. A year later, Apple updated iOS for limit performance when the phone was at risk of crashing, because one older battery it may not have been able to handle high workloads once below a certain reload percentage.

This story fueled a conspiracy theory, with Apple accused of using iOS updates to deliberately slow down older iPhones in order to encourage users to replace them with newer models. Apple admitted to slowing down some iPhones, but only to prevent crashes in certain circumstances and with the battery now deteriorated.

Subsequently, the company was targeted by several lawsuits, but it all seemed resolved when Apple launched a discounted battery replacement program and updated iOS to include not only more information on the battery status, but also an option. which allows the user to activate or not the performance limitation in case of deteriorated battery.

Now, however, in Europe raises the “batterygate”: a group of five consumer associations which also includes AltroConsumo asks that Apple will pay an amount of 60 euros in favor of each user in possession of an iPhone that has had to deal with the 2017 updates, as “… customers have been deceived by Apple who planned this obsolescence“.

We will now see how the associations will move and what the judges will decide in the event of a formal complaint.