As its name suggests, Multicar can be used for anything

The owner of the Multicar M25, manufactured in 1989, is Dara Roland, an entrepreneur from Nagykanizsa, who liked the type as a child, several of whom worked in city management, park maintenance and in the hospital.

The dashboard and clocks were taken from Wartburg. Photos: Attila Szakony

“I grew up in the Bagolai line, went to the Zrínyi school and when I came home I passed in front of the hospital every day,” Dara Roland recalled. “I often saw there that I had just fitted a Multicart with a tilted cab and I really liked it. And when I bought my business site, seeing the large concrete area, I thought, I should get a Multicart sliding for me too – because it was still winter in the winter and clearing the area by hand was a brutal job. I started searching the net for an all-wheel-drive Multicart, which is no barrier to clearing larger snow piles either. Although it was difficult, I found it, and I was able to buy one near Szombathely with the expired technicians. Since then, I have only been able to use it once or twice for what I bought it for… We kept it in its original condition for quite some time until it was once raised to refurbish the machine. The lion’s share of the works was done by my veteran car friend Béla Gulyás. When we started, we thought 15-16 hours of work would be enough, but in the end we worked on it for almost a year, disassembling it into small pieces. We sandblasted the chassis where necessary, reinforced the welding points, installed a new wiring harness, and repainted the bodywork, wanting it to look as if it had just rolled off the production line.

The many levers control the hydraulic units

Béla Gulyás added: they also disassembled the engine block, which was fitted with a new seal and adjusted on the dispenser. The water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine was a scaled-down version of the IFA engine, a very popular, reliable resource, they were happy to buy and install them in forklifts after servicing a Multicart.
“All-wheel drive is the rarest version of the Multicars, there are only a few of them available in the country,” explained Béla Gulyás. – It’s made with a half-shift, so you can practically go from centimeter to centimeter. The tipper can be tilted to three sides, and the van also has front hydraulics (yes, this is not a mistake, because it is already over 3.5 tons, so it can’t be driven with a category B license, you need a truck driver’s license). A sweeper, sliding plate can be mounted on the vehicle, but a water or waste collection tank can also be installed in place of the easily removable platform. So a real all-rounder, the big advantage is that it can fit in small, narrow streets, it is used in many places in Germany to this day. The interesting thing about the old Multicars is that they were assembled from parts of the car types manufactured in the GDR at that time – IFA, Wartburg, Trabant, etc.). The dashboard and gauges, for example, were borrowed from Wartburg.

The vehicle is propelled by a scaled IFA engine

Finally, Béla Gulyás added: due to its versatility and uniqueness, the old Multicars are now sold and bought in Germany at a horror price. There are many people for whom the little GDR miracle machine is worth all the money…

The platform can be tilted and the cabin can be tilted forward for installation, shows Dara Roland and Béla Gulyás