Government spokesman for covid-19 Jelko Kacin he has been repeating every day since Monday that we are still far from the first criterion for entering the red phase. Are we really? If the average of the infected in the last seven days on Monday was still around 1900, yesterday it was only 1465 (5.5 percent drop compared to Wednesday). It has been declining every day as the number of infections is declining compared to the previous week. In the trend of recent days, we could reach the “magic limit” of 1300 by the end of the week.

So what do the numbers for Thursday show? They performed 4897 PCR tests and detected 1767 coronavirus positives. The share of infected is 23.4 percent. Even more rapid tests were performed, namely 6321, 334 positive (5.3 percent) were detected. In any case, the share of those actively infected, the share of those infected daily, the average number of those infected in the last seven days are falling, and the number of reproductions is also declining.

Difficult conditions in hospitals

However, as the number of infected people in need of hospital treatment (on Thursday 1266, the limit for the red phase is 1200) increases as a rule with a delay of ten or fourteen days (peak of infected in the first week of January), they are justifiably concerned in hospitals. But the decline in infections this week could indicate that in a week or two the condition will improve at least somewhat.

Today’s data on the state of hospitals posted by the government on Twitter is unusual. This is probably a mistake, as only 1,130 hospitalized are reported, which would mean that 136 were discharged on the last day.

As a result of covid-19 disease, 22 people died yesterday.