Arctic renews the Freezer 13 air cooler series, now more efficient

Arctic has officially announced its new series of air coolers Freezer 13 X which offers better performance than the previous Freezer 13 while maintaining a rather low price. The heatsinks are available in four variants with prices starting from 22,41€ for the Freezer A13 X until you get to 25,33€ of the Freezer i13 X CO. Arctic promises a particularly high price / performance ratio, given that the heat sink is able to dissipate heat better than the standard heat sinks supplied with the processors AMD ed Intel.

Thanks to direct contact heatpipe, which ensure that the heat to be dissipated is transferred directly from the processor to the heatpipes without an additional layer of material, and a 92mm fan which guarantees a optimal pressure, in addition to pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste, the Freezer 13 X should offer the 10% more cooling capacity compared to its predecessor, regardless of the relative small size and ainstallation height of only 137mm which makes it suitable for use in really compact chassis. The four variants available differ in terms of compatibility with the various socket types (A13 for AMD and i13 for Intel) and for the colors (standard and CO edition).

The company also announced that the fans supplied should ensure a longer life thanks to them low heat production engines, which is also one of the reasons why these new heatsinks are more efficient. Finally, a lower vibration of the motors makes the devices quieter. The latter result was achieved thanks to one special combination of alloy and lubricant developed in Germany which reduces friction inside the bearing leading to greater efficiency.

As evidenced by the graphics released by Arctic, if the previous Freezer 13 was already able to exceed the performance of the AMD and Intel series heatsinks, this Freezer 13 X manages to offer even higher performance.

Arctic Freezer 13 X is already available on the official site and soon it should also be available on Amazon.