Application for the sale of honey through the plant “Our honey” begins


SThe Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia (SPOS) invites all beekeepers who have and want to sell honey through the plant “Our Honey” in Rača, to report the exact quantities through their association.

According to the statement of the association, the management is aware that last year was bad, and this one is below average, and it knows that beekeepers could hardly wait for some quantities of honey to sell them and get live money, regardless of the lower market prices. real. Therefore, we are aware that significant quantities of honey have already been sold since this season.

As they state, they are also aware that many beekeepers are waiting with the sale because they know that they will achieve the greatest benefits in selling honey through the plant, both through the best possible price and through absolute security of payment. That is why it is necessary for beekeepers to report the exact quantities of honey through their association, which the “Our Honey” plant can certainly count on in the coming months, starting in August this year.

When applying, it is necessary to submit the following information: Name and surname of the beekeeper (SPOS member), address of the honey location, mobile and landline phone, e-mail address, type and quantity of honey offered (minimum 300 kg) with indication of the year of honey extraction you have real meadow honey from the mountains, designate it as a special type of honey, outside of flower honey).

The contact person for this whole procedure is the salesman of the “Our Honey” plant, Ivan Ivić, 064/65-77-833, [email protected]

The plant for collecting and selling honey of beekeepers of SPOS “Naš med” doo was officially opened on June 17, 2020 and a trial run is underway, and the wholesale sale of honey (in barrels) should start in August 2020.,