Apple, what kind of game? Buying a new HomePod is cheaper than repairing an old

I have never had any particular complaints about Apple’s after-sales service quality. The company’s specialists were always willing to contact, explained what was happening, and even after the warranty period, they suggested contacting the service center for free maintenance if the breakdown was not my fault. Unfortunately, I have never met such attention to my person anywhere else. But last night I found out that Apple’s attitude towards the user is very dependent on the type of device that he purchased from her.

HomePod Impossible to Repair

It turns out that not all Apple devices are subject to repair as such. No, in general, I knew earlier that the same AirPods cannot be repaired. It is even impossible to disassemble them so that they can later be returned to their original form. Is it good? Of course not. But, in fact, with other wireless headphones, the situation is exactly the same. Therefore, it is not particularly surprising here. Either the HomePod case, which, despite the rather large dimensions and the obvious presence of the ability to unscrew the bottom and repair, for some reason is completely impossible to repair.

How much does a HomePod repair cost?

Apparently, Apple does not even take on the repair of HomePod, but simply changes them to new

The first to notice this was Mikhail Korolev, founder of He has been using the setup of two HomePods for more than two years and at some point he needed to find out the cost of repairing the speaker. I also became interested and I decided to check how much Apple evaluates its services. It turned out that in all countries of the world where HomePod is sold, these are roughly comparable figures: $ 280 in the US and 300 euros in Europe, while the retail price of HomePod in these regions is $ 300 and 329 euros, respectively. It turns out somehow too much, especially for a device that can most likely be taken apart.

What is the reason for such a high price for repair HomePod? It is logical to assume that Apple does not even undertake to replace damaged components, but simply changes the old column to a new one. Even if you just broke the braid, you won’t be allowed to replace it for $ 10-20, but they will offer you to pay $ 280 and get a new device. On the one hand, a discount of $ 20 is not bad. But, on the other hand, the disadvantages of this approach are much greater.

  • It is impossible to cheaply fix minor flaws;
  • Apple has to dispose of the old HomePod, harming nature;
  • The frequency of calls for repairs to unauthorized workshops is growing;
  • Apple’s credibility as a company producing quality products suffers.

Buy HomePod at a discount

Buying a new HomePod from Apple partners will be even cheaper than changing a broken one

It is very difficult for me to imagine who will go to change the broken HomePod to Apple at the price set by the company, if it is really cheaper to buy a new column. I ran through the sites of American retailers and found that almost everywhere HomePod is sold cheaper than Apple’s “repair” costs. The best offer was in the BestBuy distribution network. There HomePod, regardless of color, can be purchased for 199 dollars. Even if you live in Europe, it will still be more profitable for you to buy a column there, and then use the mail forwarding services for 10-20 dollars. But there are also Walmart, Target, Amazon and other retailers, not to mention sites like eBay.

I don’t know why Apple was unable to arrange a normal repair procedure for the HomePod. Surely she had her own reasons to refuse this. However, in my opinion, this is a rather unpleasant trend. Today, the company’s assortment does not have so many devices that it does not repair at all, but over time there are more and more of them. In this regard, I am very concerned about the question, but will Apple refuse to repair as such at all? After all, for her to issue new devices is more profitable than repairing old ones. The top managers of the company even admitted this themselves.