Apple TV + and great attention to soundtracks

An interesting article published by Variety highlights the great attention paid by Apple to the soundtracks and series and film music produced for Apple TV +.

Even before the launch of the service, Apple had set a goal to bring on board some of the greatest and brightest composers in the industry, and that’s exactly what the company has done. According to Variety, moving so far in advance was one of the best moves Apple made during the preparatory phase of the service, given that it ensured great talents.

Some of these names are not known to the general public, but they are among the most appreciated in the world of cinema:

For the new streaming service, Apple made some rather precise musical choices from the beginning, choosing Carter Burwell for “The Morning Show”, Atli Örvarsson for “Defending Jacob”, Michael Brook for “Little America” ​​and Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist for “Dickinson”.

A great example of the importance of audio on Apple TV + is “Defending Jacob”, whose soundtrack was created by Atli Örvarsson and where the music has the aim of representing how the family is facing the unusual situation in which she is found (with her son accused of a murder).

These are the words of Örvarsson:

Music was a precise study to represent a family that is falling apart, with the sadness and loneliness that derive from it, rather than following the plot or the thriller aspects of the series.

In Defending Jacob, Örvarsson played the piano, added electronics and conducted a 25-piece orchestra. Each episode took about 40 minutes of music: “It is much more than I would have thought“Concludes the composer,”and it was like making the music of a movie every week for eight weeks in a row“.

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