AirTag by Apple

It has been a year since we have in our possession the AirTag. A device that seemed like it was never going to arrive since it was always on the lips of all the rumors but Apple was reluctant to launch them. Now we live with them and use them to locate everything that comes to mind. But beware, remember that they should not be used to track people… Today we bring you a related iPhone error, and it seems that some users would be receiving notifications that an AirTag is tracking them wrongly. Keep reading that we tell you all the details.

Son “ghost” notices and it is that they are not produced by an AirTag, this warning is wrong but obviously causes the fear and discomfort in the user who receives it. According to the reports of these “ghost” notifications, the Airtags in question perform movements with similar patterns coming out of the users who have received the notification. Something wrong since those AirTag would be “flying” around users and even through walls. But Apple has wanted to provide a temporary solution to these problems through a press release that also ensures that AirTags are safe.

And it seems that everything seems to be related to the proximity of Wi-Fi networks close to the iPhone, that is, the iPhone confuses Wi-Fi networks with AirTags and they launch the warning that we are being monitored. How to fix it? Apple’s temporary solution is to reset the location services of our device in the following way: Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and toggle the switch off and on while Wifi is enabled on the iPhone. It’s no wonder that Apple ends up releasing a new update in the coming weeks to fix this bug. And you, have you received any similar notification? We read you…