If we did not have enough with the rumors about the absence of a charger inside the box of the next iPhone 12, Apple adds more fuel to the fire with a survey that some users have started to get asking what they have done with the chargers included in your iPhone cases.

The fact that the next iPhone could come in its box without the EarPods headphones with Lightning connector and without the USB charger seems closer and closer. Although the first of the elements is not generating too much controversy, the subject of the charger is indeed quite controversial, with two quite conflicting positions on social networks. On the one hand they are those who criticize an Apple that according to them increasingly seeks a higher profit margin in a device that is the main source of income for the company. On the opposite side, who defend a decision like this based on the alleged benefits it will have to decrease the electronic waste that accumulates on our planet.

Apple’s decision not to include a charger would have various reasons that can be summarized as follows: The Verge: a greater profit margin, a reduction in the cost of transport, a first step towards an iPhone without ports and the aforementioned ecological issue. The latter may sound like an excuse, but the figures that are used are impressive: more than a million tons a year in chargers, more than 300,000 tons if we count those included in boxes of electronic devices. What seems questionable is assuming that not including the charger in the box will generate less waste. Does anyone throw away a charger that is not broken simply because they already have another? I know of no cases.

The survey that Apple has sent to some users includes several questions about the uses they make of the chargers included in the boxes of the iPhone:

  • I sold it with my iPhone
  • I lost it
  • I gave it to a family member or friend
  • I still use it at home
  • I use it outside the home (work, school …)
  • I have it but I don’t use it

All a declaration of intent that seems to confirm the rumors that have been hanging around the main technology blogs for a couple of weeks. What are you doing with the charger that is included in the iPhone case? What do you think about the idea that Apple does not include it? If you want, You can participate in this survey that we are doing on Twitter to know the opinion of our readers.