Apple announced a few weeks ago changes in Apple Music for enhance your listening experience with lossless music and spatial audio. They are now available to all users.

Lossless music with spatial audio or Dolby Atmos is now available for Apple Music enjoyment. After the Keynote presentation yesterday, Apple pressed the button to activate this feature and from this moment we can listen to higher quality music and with sound effects that will surprise you. On the one hand we have Dolby Atmos, which makes the songs you’ve always heard now seem new, with sounds that come to you in 360 degrees, leaving conventional stereo behind. It is a strange experience when you listen to a song that you have already heard dozens of times, but when you listen to new music, the truth is that the experience is very good.. To enjoy Dolby Atmos you need compatible headphones, to enjoy spatial audio that “spins with your head” you need AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. The catalog is still quite limited, but Apple is already creating specific lists with music of this type.

When it comes to lossless music, the catalog is much broader, and it is rare that the song you are looking for is not in that quality. You must remember that using Bluetooth you will not be able to take advantage of this type of quality. From your iPhone or iPad you will need wired headphones for lossless music, and a compatible external DAC for high resolution music in the case of the Mac. The HomePods do support lossless quality. If you activate this musical quality on your iPhone, remember that data consumption is going to skyrocket, that is why Apple offers us different options if we are on Wi-Fi, using data or even physically downloading to the device.