Today I was chatting with my baby about his iPad Air. She is delighted with him, and with her Apple Pencil 2. She is studying second year of philology, and in the two years of her degree she has not spent a bloody sheet of paper. You do it all with your iPad and at home with your iMac.

And she tells me that she is the only one in her class who takes notes on an iPad. The rest of the classmates use MacBook or laptops. And the truth is that they tend to look at her out of the corner of her eye with a certain envy. Especially those who do not have much dexterity when it comes to typing. Perhaps many of them will eventually migrate to the iPad if a 15-inch appears on the market. Folio size!

The Korean tech news website The elec just published a report explaining that Chinese panel maker BOE is designing new OLED panels for future iPad models. The news is that one of those screens is from 15 inch.

The project is in the early stages of development, and it is not clear that it will eventually win the contract to mass-manufacture such panels for Apple. But if it is in the process of development, it is because Apple so he has asked, that’s clear.

BOE At present it has become the third supplier of panels for the screens of iPhones, specifically for the supply of the chain of iPhone 13. So it is not at all unreasonable to think that it can start manufacturing the OLED panels of new devices of Apple, like future iPads or MacBooks, for example.

Certainly a new iPad Pro 15-inch (or iPad Air) would be a great success. The integration of the touch screen with the Apple Pencil 2, gives it a practicality for certain jobs, such as taking notes or designing freehand drawings and diagrams, that MacBook, doomed to the keyboard and keypad or mouse, will never be able to achieve.