Touch ID under the iPhone 13 screen

The Cupertino company continues to be reluctant to include biometric identification technology on the screen, something that although some companies have developed in a mediocre way, there are others such as Huawei or Xiaomi that implement these systems very well on their mobile phones.

That is why Apple, which does not want to be left behind, is studying implementing an on-screen Touch ID accompanying the current Face ID. A series of patents accompany this idea that the Cupertino company does not want to definitively abandon the Touch ID but … is it not too late for it? A new implementation never hurts.

We begin by warning, the inclusion of this technology is totally ruled out for the arrival of the iPhone 13, rather it is expected for the iPhone 14 or the name that Apple decides to give its device in 2022. In this way, the brand has worked on a patent named “Electronic device display for through-display imaging”, as explained in Apple Insider. In theory, the deployment of the patent focuses on the possibility of taking a specific capture of our fingerprint when we touch a certain part of the screen, With a very simplistic formula, that is what the vast majority of screen fingerprint readers do, take a close-up photo of our finger.

Face ID, once you’ve gotten used to it, is truly marvelous technology. However, the arrival of this pandemic and the use of the mask has forced us to return directly to the iPhone 5 at the earliest, since the Touch ID did not arrive until the iPhone 5s. We are talking about the old but infallible technology of entering the code to unlock the device, something that honestly is boring many of us. While the masks are gradually disappearing, we can only hope that Apple finally implements a Touch ID on the screen.