Apple TV+

Apple’s streaming video service began its journey on November 1, 2019. Shortly before, it had announced that all those users who bought an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV … would enjoy one year completely free to the service without having to pay the 4.99 euros per month it costs.

The end of the free Apple TV + for all those users who bought a new device that gave access to this promotion was September 2019, however, shortly before, Apple announced an extension of that period until January. Once Apple has extended the end of the free trial, this time until July 2020.

In this way, if you are among the lucky ones who have enjoyed Apple TV + for free since November 2019, you can continue doing it without paying a single euro until the month of July.

To all those users who are paying for Apple TV +, Apple will stop charging them the fee monthly so that they are unfairly affected by the extension of the free period that Apple does not stop extending from time to time.

All clients that enter into the free Apple TV + extension, they will receive an email in the next few weeks to inform you of the decision the Cupertino-based company has made.

We do not know the reasons why Apple has again extended the free service to customers who are already enjoying this service but it is likely that they want to have enough time to expand the available catalog in the coming months, so that when it is really time to pay, the streaming video service will have more than enough content so that users do not wonder twice if it is worth paying an additional subscription.