Apparently, Pandemic the Right Time to Buy a Home, Why? – The Covid-19 pandemic was indeed a time of uncertainty, both in terms of health and the economy. As a result, many people are afraid to invest, and prefer to save money.

But the General Manager of Bintaro Jaya High Rise, Arum Prasasti, does not think so. According to him a pandemic like this is the right time to invest through property. This is because there are attractive discounts and promos at lower prices.

“It is precisely the pandemic when the right time for property investment, with the existence of this pandemic the economy is slowing down, all industry players provide many conveniences, attractive offers including property,” Arum said in the Bintaro Jaya High Rise (BJHR) webinar discussion, Friday (3/7) 2020).

Illustration of house and property. (Shutterstock)

These discounts and offers, Arum said, are offered directly by the developer. Moreover, coupled with the offer and support of payments from banks, it should be the right moment to invest in the property sector of the house to the apartment.

“Buy property there is support from banks that are more attractive for low-interest DP low mortgage rates. This pandemic period is the right time to buy property, surely the property will rise again, moreover we can live together with Covid-19 will definitely grow again,” said Arum .

Plus property prices from year to year will always increase, so it is not possible to lose from the initial purchase price the price will be higher, along with inflation.

The wedding fund, which was intended for a party, amounting to Rp 500 million, Rp 2 billion, can be diverted to buy property. This is because it is permissible to get married but without a gathering, so the party costs can be allocated.

“Pandemics cannot, this can be investors, let alone Rp. 2 billion, a house can buy 7 KPR, once married have an investment residence for the future,” he said.

Some things to consider when buying property are the location, the facilities needed, the social environment that suits your lifestyle, to pay attention to who the developer or developer is.

“It is very important to see who the developer is, sometimes not all developers can fulfill promises, the status of the certificate must also be observed,” he concluded.