For those who want to get rid of the dark, foggy November and imagine their future in a picturesque, small Mediterranean settlement, Presicce-Acquarica gives them a tempting opportunity to kick things off. Located on the heel of the Italian boot, the village has joined the ranks of small Italian villages offering cheap real estate. There are places where the house-for-one-euro program runs, but they do it the other way around, they give 30,000 euros, or roughly HUF 12 million, for the purchase, so anyone who can make do with a dilapidated small apartment can literally get a property for free.

The program has conditions: the money must be used for house purchase and renovation, and it can only be used for properties built before 1991. Local authorities expect population growth from this decision. The area can be a paradise for digital nomads and those doing online work, as this is the tip of the incomparably wonderful and inspiring Southern Italy. Those who live here enjoy the sea, the romantic streets of the medieval settlement system, and the olive groves in their free time.

“There are many empty houses in the historic center built before 1991, which we would like to see again as a place full of life. It’s a shame that our old streets, full of history, wonderful architecture and art, are slowly emptying out,” municipal representative Alfredo Palese told CNN.