Anticipations of “a Life”: why look for them

The phenomenon of web pages that offer advances on some television programs is transversal: it affects many types of programs, starting from soap operas and soap operas. Those who take advantage of this type of information are usually fans of the genre. In particular, then it should be noted that it is easier to find advances concerning soap operas and foreign soap, for a precise and clear reason: these programs are broadcast a few weeks or months in advance in the country of origin. It happens for many Spanish soaps, but also for American ones. For example the plots e Italian previews of the soap “Una Vita” they can be easily found online, because in Italy we are “behind” by at least 300 episodes.

The disconnect between the schedules

This type of disconnect occurs very easily when a program is produced and shot in another country than in Italy. As for “Una Vita” in Spain, the soap is aired from April 15, 2015; in Italy it was necessary to wait until 22 June 2015 to see the first episode of “Acacias 38”, this is the original title of the series. The same happens, however, for many other programs, especially for the soaps that are broadcast daily. Moreover, the episodes that make up every single series of a soap are many, several hundred. A different holiday period, as happens for example between North America and Italy, is enough to significantly shift the schedules and delay the broadcasting of the program by various episodes.

Who looks at the advances

There are various reasons that lead an enthusiast to seek the anticipations of the favorite program; whether it’s “Una Vita” or another program, it doesn’t matter, the reasons are completely similar. Often it is pure curiosity, caused by the very nature of the soap: the plots of each episode are built in such a way as to leave the viewer in doubt about what will happen in the next episode. There are always those who do not resist until tomorrow, or even those who are unable to watch every single episode. If you miss a couple of episodes then you need to go and reread the plots online, maybe even some anticipation, to be able to reconnect to the events already aired and to peek in advance what will happen tomorrow.

The Italian programs

If it is very easy to find advances with foreign programs, the question is different when a program we are passionate about is shot in Italy. In these cases, the fact of being able to find advances depends on the temporal distance between the shot and the transmission. Some Italian soaps are shot only a few days in advance of the airing. This sometimes leads to not being able to find any kind of anticipation; in these cases, in fact, the actors themselves should report parts of the script. However, it always happens that someone from the troupe, or even journalists invited to the scene, miss a little anticipation. Then there are programs that were filmed weeks before the broadcast; for them, finding plots, information and news is much easier.