Anotka wine bar – wines and flavors in front of the clock.

Anotka owned by the well-known Hinawi family is currently setting up a pop-up wine bar where alcoholic beverages will be served at very affordable prices – only 20 shekels per glass, or 99 shekels per bottle of the world’s best wines such as: Jean Moreau’s Shakespeare’s Cordon Negro-Kava, Moga’s Rioja Rosado, Drazen’s Goztrimmner, Baby Sensor Sauvignon Blanc from the Fornier Winery’s Loire, Solar Viejo’s Rioja Reserve, Pinot Noir from the Fornier Winery’s Loire. At the same time, alcoholic beverages such as Ozu Eros, San Miguel beer from the barrel, white and red sangria and more will be served, along with authentic Arabic Mediterranean dishes from the host kitchen – of the famous Roquet Cafe in Jaffa Clock Square.

It was almost sunset when I got to taste and experience the special atmosphere.

I started with a summery atmosphere in a lush red sangria, a glass of sweet freshness.

Quickly, entrees came to the table – cauliflower in aioli sauce with parmesan and chives bursting between the teeth, classic rice-stuffed vine leaves with flavorful mint-flavored yoghurt and “once-in-a-lifetime” patisserie spinach and jibna za’atar anchor with hard boiled egg , Mint yogurt and pickles, everything flows so well and blends with the wines that blend.

I went on to represent the White Wine Department’s “Baby Center” Sauvignon Blanc of the Veneer Winery. The wine is soured and prepares the palate for main courses in leftovers. From the red I chose the recommendation of the place – Pinot Noir, also of the Fornier Winery. This is a wine with a presence that decorates the dishes.

“Simple Kebab” – chunky and juicy patties, along with a squash salad, tahini and toast za’atar, and a poppy “mess” with caramelized onions, bloody blusher and tahini yoghurt sauce, all on fine bread to absorb all tastes.

We finished off our meal with a cup of Asli Arabian coffee and a topped cookie for the sweet touch.

Anotka wine bar pop-up is scheduled to continue in the coming months, so you can take advantage of the warm summer evenings and sit down to a particularly lucrative wine glass, sip the varied dishes and enjoy the atmosphere. Instead, Michelle’s surprise plans to open a special bottle every evening so you can taste as much as possible and experience the best of the wine world.

There will also be a sale of specialty alcoholic beverages of various types and countries including imported wines, whiskey, brandy, San Miguel beers, quality caskets from FreshCash and more, all at surprising prices.

Address: Marzouk and Ezer 2, Jaffa – Clock Square.

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed – 8 am – 10 pm, Mon – Fri 8 am – 11 pm.

Disabled Access: There is

Kosher: The place is not kosher but the special wines menu also has kosher wines.