Another elderly man died of the coronavirus

The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) was detected in six more Hungarian citizens, thus increasing the number of identified infections to 4,172.

An elderly, chronic patient has died, so the number of deaths has risen to 588 and 2752 have already recovered, the government information website.

The number of active infected people is 832. 39 percent of the active infected, 60 percent of the dead, and 47 percent of the recovered are from Budapest. 150 coronavirus patients are being hospitalized, 9 of whom are on a ventilator.

Wearing the mask is still mandatory in shops and on public transport. The mask can also be replaced by a scarf or shawl covering the mouth and nose. The separate morning shopping bar for those over 65 has been discontinued.

Parliament is deciding today on next year’s budget, which will provide the financial resources needed for further health and economic protection measures against the epidemic, the report said.