The IRIB Iranian state news agency confirmed that this was a cyber attack, but did not say who might stand behind it. According to the IRIB, the error was largely rectified early in the morning. The Association of Iranian Gas Stations has previously reported a software bug.

Eyewitness accounts also showed long lines at gas stations in the capital, Tehran.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, which has rendered useless government-issued electronic cards used by many Iranian citizens to buy fuel at gas stations at subsidized prices. Citizens could refuel without the card, though, so it cost twice as much fuel.

Many in the social media have accused Iran’s main enemy, Israel, of carrying out a cyber attack.

A few months ago, hackers also attacked a well network in the United States, then paid $ 4.4 million (HUF 1.2 billion) to blackmailers to restore fuel supply on the East Coast.