Anna Nooshin accuses Telegraaf of ‘sensation seeking’

Yesterday, the social media channels of various influencers already showed how they flouted the 1.5-meter measures during the special opening. Anna also posted several snapshots herself without observing the measures. Then Of Telegraph the socialite refused to comment why her friends were so close on each other’s lips afterwards. “We’re not going to talk about this,” Anna cut off the conversation as seen is on the video that The Telegraph shared Friday’s interview. Then her spokesperson intervened out of the picture: “That is not a problem that only occurs here, that is in the whole of society.”

The social media star announced via Instagram Stories that she consciously chose not to answer the question. “Not because it was unanswerable, but because this was not the approach of the interview and I was totally overwhelmed by the negative tone,” she says. According to Anna, she always answers ‘all love’ questions from fans and the press, provided the intention is good. However, I did not get that feeling. It felt like looking for a thrill and I wanted to stay away from that. ‘

That said, she does take full responsibility for the press dinner and once again states that she has taken several steps to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Everyone who visits the experience will experience this too. The safety and health of our visitors always comes first for us. “