Angolan PGR assumes difficulties in notifying Isabel dos Santos – World

The Angolan Attorney General (PGR) on Friday assumed difficulties in notifying businesswoman Isabel dos Santos, in Angola and other countries, admitting that the possibility of issuing an arrest warrant “is open”.

“In Luanda, she was already notified in the possible places where she could be contacted and there was no response,” said Helder Pitta Grós, at a press conference today in Luanda.

“At this moment we do not know where your home will be, neither professional nor where you live, and this has made it difficult to notify,” he said.

The PGR said that attempts were also made with its companies and that the same was requested from Portugal, without success, so the issue of a warrant “is an open hypothesis”.

According to Pitta Grós, this is a way to “make a citizen present himself to justice to answer” in a certain process.

“What we intend is for her to present herself to justice in order to be able to respond to the charges against her”, which does not mean that the businesswoman, daughter of former Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos, is being held, he explained.

“The first objective is to make him stand up for justice,” reiterated the PGR, adding that there were other cases of citizens who were detained to be interrogated and heard and were released, awaiting the progress of the process.

Asked about when the Attorney General’s Office will stop trying to notify Isabel dos Santos, choosing to issue an arrest warrant, Helder Pitta Grós replied that they will “check when the time is right”.

The Attorney General also stressed that the intention to recover all assets that were diverted from the public purse is “a permanent concern”, which is why the Angolan authorities have resorted to international cooperation.

Isabel dos Santos is targeted, in Angola, in criminal and civil cases in which the Angolan State claims more than five billion dollars (4.4 billion euros).

The criminal proceeding stemmed from a complaint by his successor at the head of state oil company Sonangol, Carlos Saturnino, regarding allegedly irregular money transfers during the administration of Isabel dos Santos.

In addition to the daughter of the former Angolan President, Sarju Raikundalia, former financial director of Sonangol, Mário Leite da Silva, manager of Isabel dos Santos, and chairman of the BFA board of directors, Paula Oliveira, friend of Isabel dos Santos and NOS administrator, and Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha, Isabel dos Santos account manager at EuroBic, who died in January.

The businesswoman also saw her bank accounts and shareholdings being forfeited in Portugal and Angola.

Isabel dos Santos has always affirmed her innocence, accusing the Angolan justice of forging evidence, and says she is a victim of political persecution.

In January, the International Investigative Journalism Consortium also revealed more than 715 thousand files, under the name ‘Luanda Leaks’, detailing alleged financial schemes by Isabel dos Santos and her husband, which will have allowed them to withdraw money from the Angolan public purse. through tax havens.