Andrzej Strzelecki – Theater died

The actor has been fighting cancer for a long time. In June, he revealed that he was suffering from inoperable lung and bronchial cancer. Information about the death of the actor was confirmed by his daughter – Polsat News said. Strzelecki was 68 years old.

Andrzej Strzelecki was an actor, satirist, theater director, lecturer and rector of the Theater Academy. Aleksander Zelwerowicz in Warsaw. He was also the author of scripts for plays and musicals.

In 1974 he graduated from the Acting Department of the Warsaw Academy of Dramatic Arts, and in 1978 – from the Directing Department. In 2004 he obtained the title of professor of theater arts.

In the years 1974–1981 he was associated with the Rozmaitości Theater in Warsaw. He co-founded the “Kur” cabaret. He was an actor in the Rampa Theater, in which for 10 years (1987-1997) he was the general and artistic director.

Known for his film roles: “Excuse me, do they beat here?”, “In the desert and in the wilderness”, “Conversations at night”, “1920 Warsaw Battle”, “Half a century of poetry later” and the series: “Clan”, “Polish cuisine”, “Moving”, “Colors of happiness”, “For good and for bad”. He played in over a dozen TV Theater performances. He hosted several dozen original TV programs on TVP.

He was also a golf player and many times a board member of the Polish Golf Association.

In June 2020, Andrzej Strzelecki’s family reported that the actor has inoperable lung and bronchial cancer. Strzelecki’s stars and students from the Theater Academy joined the fundraising for treatment.