Andrzej Duda in Bolesławiec strongly about “Fact”. “Germany wants to elect a president in Poland?”

The president commented on the Friday publication of the daily Fakt.

Today we have another installment of the German attack in this election, a ruthless dirty campaign, this time directed against me – he said on Friday in Bolesławiec (Lower Silesian Voivodeship). – I regret it, but I am aware that I will be brutally, falsely slanderously attacked – added the president.

As he said, the family in question is really hurt. – I helped the family because it was the family that asked me for help and the family turned to me for help. This man was imprisoned in full, he served prison in full, but the family wrote that the fact that they cannot meet him is really a punishment for them because they were ordered to stay away and asked me to lift this restraining order , they asked me because they said that they had reconciled, that they were a real family again, that this man regrets that he did it – explained Andrzej Duda.

Andrzej Duda pointed out that in making his decision, he complied with the opinion of the prosecutor general, court, probation officer and all those who spoke in this matter. – Today this slanderous attack is just meanness, it is the worst kind of dirty campaign – he noted.

– Does the Axel Springer concern, with its German pedigree, who owns the “Fakt” newspaper, want to influence the presidential election in Poland? Germany wants to elect a president in Poland? This is meanness, I don’t agree, “said Duda.

The president also emphasized that recently a correspondent of the German newspaper Die Welt wrote that President Trzaskowski would be better for Germany, because “he is against Poland taking reparations from the Germans, that Poland would demand compensation for the Second World War, from the destruction that then they were made. ”

Residents of Bolesławiec at a meeting with Andrzej Duda. Fig. PAP / Maciej Kulczyński

The president said that he would always defend the family and its right to raise children with their own beliefs. He spoke about the economic and social successes of the United Right government, the reduction of extreme poverty among families, the improvement of the country’s military security, the implementation of large investments, such as cutting the Vistula Spit.

– Such a good situation has never been seen in Polish history. This is a great historical opportunity for us and we must use this opportunity. I have a great will and ambition to take this opportunity. Take advantage of all these funds, that we are in the European Union. Build our security by being in NATO. Develop to implement large investments in Poland. To have ambitions and to implement them, so that it would be more comfortable and peaceful, – said the president.

He emphasized that in recent years “we have conducted a responsible policy, supporting people, supporting Poland in all its areas in the last five years”.

– I want to continue this policy. A wise, responsible policy for Poland, for man, for the family. I am asking you for your support again. Go to the election. We will definitely show that this is what we want. I am asking you to persuade neighbors, friends and acquaintances. We need their votes in these elections. We need a big, clear victory. Long live Poland – concluded the president.