Anang Buy the Latest Alphard, Ashanty Suspicious – Ashanty thought she was given the biggest betta fish, when Anang Hermansyah intended to surprise her. In fact, Anang Hermansyah bought the latest Alphard car for his wife.

“Because all this time, Mother Ashanty is very, very good at all of us, yes. She takes care of all of us really,” said Anang Hermansyah, starting on the YouTube Channel belonging to the Asix family some time ago.

“Bun, let’s get down here, I have something for you,” Anang Hermansyah said on the YouTube Channel.

Ashanty thought, surprise was the biggest betta fish that was coveted. He also did not think that Anang Hermansyah would give anything he wanted.

“Betta fish, yes, I really want betta fish. Yesterday he said no, now just buy it, what’s the story,” Ashanty said.

Later Ashanty, was in the middle of a hobby of maintaining hickey. Betta fish itself becomes the belle of Indonesian celebrities today.

“It’s just cool, really cool,” Arsy said, making Ashanty even more curious.

Anang immediately invited Ashanty to get to the prize. While leading Ashanty who was blindfolded, Sam and the children herded Ashanty to the biggest prize.

“This is really you, I’m giving this gift to you,” Anang explained to Ashanty.

Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah when giving a car gift. [YouTube/@The Hermansyah A6]
Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah when giving a car gift. [YouTube/@The Hermansyah A6]

How shocked Ashanty to learn that what was given was not hickey. When he opened his eyes, Ashanty was shocked by the fantastic new Alphard.

“O Allah, I betta this betta fish. Yank, what are you doing, it wants to be sure,” Ashanty asked suspiciously to Anang.

“No mother, this is really for you. You have been very kind to us all this time,” answered Anang with a proud smile.