App Store

A few days ago we were talking about Spain was also going to initiate a sanctioning procedure against Apple for alleged malpractice when allowing free competition within their markets and also with other companies such as Amazon. News that, as we told you, has been with us for some time since the increase in power of technology companies has made international organizations put them in the spotlight with the aim of playing fair. Sometimes regulators win, sometimes tech companies. And is that now a American court agrees with Apple before some complaints anti-competitive. Keep reading that we give you all the details.

The controversy was started by the boys from Blix, BlueMail developers, Who They talked about the App Store and Apple’s new login method going against free competition. Blix even founded a coalition to ensure fair treatment of apps. But it seems that they have not achieved what they wanted … And it is that the judge in charge of bringing their complaint has promulgated that Apple does not prevent other single sign-on systems from being used, something that is completely true since there are multitude of apps that allow you to log in through Google or Facebook for example.

Blix, a member of the Coalition for App Fairness and known for their repeated complaints to the press and regulators, alleged false conspiracy theories and anti-competitive claims against Apple. The court correctly rejected these claims and dismissed Blix’s case. This case demonstrates that Apple has consistently acted legally by introducing its own innovative products and features that promote competition.

Battle won by Apple, Yes indeed, this does not mean that they will always winThe really important thing is how the developers or the different international competition organizations formulate the complaint. We will see what happens with all this, and you What do you think of all this controversy around the competition?