Amphibious aircraft dropped 264 tons of water onto burning forests in Irkutsk region – Siberia

MOSCOW, July 6. / TASS /. The Be-200ES amphibious aircraft EMERCOM of Russia delivered 264 tons of water to eliminate forest fires in the Irkutsk region. This was reported to TASS on Monday by the press service of the ministry.

As noted in the Ministry of Emergencies, during the last day in the territory of Pribaikalye there was 101 forest fire on an area of ​​more than 45 thousand ha. 24 fires were eliminated on a total area of ​​709.7 hectares. “The Be-200 aircraft of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was involved in extinguishing forest fires in the Kachug and Irkutsk regions. A total of 264 tons of water were dumped over the fires. 400 meters of the burning edge were eliminated in the Kachug region and 700 meters of the edge of the forest were eliminated in the Irkutsk region,” the source said. the press service.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations added that on Monday the amphibious aircraft will continue to extinguish fires in the forests of the Kachugsky region. Water is taken in the water area of ​​Lake Baikal.

Currently, there are 77 fires in the region on an area of ​​more than 47 thousand ha. In the control zone there are 26 forest fires on a total area of ​​about 30 thousand ha. There is no threat to human settlements. In extinguishing existing fires, 700 people and 129 pieces of equipment were involved. For the monitoring and maintenance of forest fires from the Ministry of Forestry and EMERCOM of Russia, 14 aircraft were involved.

An emergency regime continues to operate in the forests of the Irkutsk Region. Since the beginning of the fire hazard period, 600 fires have been registered in the region, the total area is more than 81 thousand ha.

In the Irkutsk region, more than 10% of the country’s forests are concentrated. Forest fires cause significant damage to forestry in the region. During the forest fire season of 2019, 1 096 fires were recorded in the region, the main foci were in the northern regions, where there was no rain for a long time, rains began only in mid-August.