Amazon Prime Video now lets you download content

Amazon Prime Video hits the Microsoft Store as an app standalone. An idea that seems anecdotal to say the least given the limited popularity of “Windows Apps”. However, it is of real interest since it allows films and series to be downloaded. With a subtlety, however: the resolution seems limited to 1080p, even 720p depending on the program.

Micosoft announced Thursday July 2 the deployment of a new Amazon Prime application on its Microsoft Store. An interesting novelty since in addition to streaming as it already exists on the dedicated platform from a browser, this novelty comes with a very useful functionality. It will also be possible to download your favorite movies or series to watch them offline, which the Amazon platform has not offered so far. We thus notice the presence of a “Download” button which, if you click on it in a classic browser, will suggest that you go through the Windows Store application to do this.

The app itself is free, but you’ll need to fill in your Amazon Prime Video credentials immediately before you can log in. This service is offered free of charge to all holders of an Amazon Prime account, at € 49 per year or € 5.99 per month.

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The platform offers three different qualities for downloading, namely “Good”, “Better” and “Best” in its English version. But after a few quick tests, it seems that the application does not allow to download the films and series offered in quality higher than 1080p, even in the case of series listed “4K”. A disappointment, certainly, but the file in question still remains viewable, especially on a mobile device with a smaller screen. We simply should not expect to be able to build a 4k video library by conscientiously downloading the entire catalog from the platform, but instead of being choosy, we will simply appreciate the fact that we can download an episode to enjoy it in an area where reception is poor … like in the Paris metro for example, even if the RATP now claims full 4G coverage.