Amazfit PowerBuds True Wireless Headphones. Tight bass, smooth sound, smart design, good value for money !!

Amazfit PowerBuds True Wireless Headphones That answers every use With a cool design That comes in the form of true tone Combined with matte black and trimmed with red and gray Including a unique appearance Articulated with cool features Built-in Amazfit PowerBuds headphones have a heart rate monitor. With an automatic noise cancellation system And can increase the volume – reduce the volume easily by just a light touch While also supporting all applications Whether wearing exercise, working, suitable and comfortable, and can be used on all Android and iOS smartphones (that support Bluetooth).

Around the machine

Amazfit PowerBuds comes with an oval-shaped charging case that can be folded in and out. Smooth skin The material is quite strong. The headphones include a charging case weighing 180 grams.

Above the charger is the Amazfit PowerBuds logo and the opening-opening position of the headphones is very easy to open and close. And the attraction of powerful magnets With a black and smooth design

The back of the charging case has a USB port to charge the battery via USB Type-C cable.

When opening the charging case The interior is quite wide, with the Amazfit PowerBuds in-ear headphones and easy-to-place, secure and secure earphones and the battery status bar.

On the top of the case, there are 2 magnetic magnetic levers on the side that can be worn when you use it for heavy use or continuous exercise for a long period of time. Because the material is a good grade magnet To use Can be picked out Can be instantly sandwiched with the headphones

Inside the Amazfit PowerBuds box comes

  • Amazfit PowerBuds headphones and cases
  • Micro USB Type-C charging cable
  • 3 pairs of ear tips, small, medium and large (normal size already attached to the headphones)
  • Instruction manual
  • Product warranty card

How to pair between Amazfit PowerBuds With smartphone

  • Open the Amazfit PowerBuds charging case and launcher. (Complete with charging)
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone and search for the device.
  • Press connect to Amazfit PowerBuds. Once complete, can be used immediately.

Interesting features

Durable, durable, good sound, keep all joints smooth Of music !!

When wearing Amazfit PowerBuds headphones, you can experience a higher level of personal life. Along with adding lifestyle And self-confidence With a unique headphone design Cool without limits With an automatic noise cancellation system And able to control everything On the headphones With a built-in sensor to detect, if removed, the headphones will stop the music immediately. And if put back into the song, will return to play as before When the battery is fully charged You can listen to music for up to 16 hours continuously.

Can be controlled with the touch of a finger

Execution on Amazfit PowerBuds is easy. “Just touch”

  • Answer / hang up Double tap (both left and right)
  • Play next song Double tap on the right earpiece
  • Stop music / play music Take the headphones off, the music will stop playing. And when inserting the song will automatically return to play (Can be both left and right)
  • Can be used on Android and iOS smartphones.

This world will be happy. With sound quality Premium

When wearing Amazfit PowerBuds headphones, listening to music can be enjoyed by And for the microphone with Dual Microphone Noise Reduction system from continuous trial Considered to cut the noise while speaking. Supports HD sound quality, clear sound, both music and conversation on the bass, not to mention the control under all genres.

Worry about “breaking”, work hard, wear exercise, can chill!

Amazfit PowerBuds headphones support IP55 for sweat and water resistance. Can use exercise Or wade through hard work comfortably without worrying How your sweat Will seep into the headphones

Other interesting features

  • Can be used for 16 hours (when used with a charging case). Can be used continuously for 3 hours.
  • Control buttons are easy to press. Giving a tight feeling
  • It fits easily into the shape of the ear, but still feels like wearing it in the ear.
  • Choose from many sizes of headphones. According to user preferences
  • Has a soft and heavy bass sound In clear highs
  • No delay in sound, can be used for games, movies, and music

Amazfit PowerBuds headphones are True Wireless headphones. That should be carried on you Because of the feeling of trial use Don’t have to be careful Can wear and live normally Overall, very impressive With sound quality That is suitable for the fee Plus modern design products Wearing and not being ashamed of anyone Looks more expensive than many famous models, after trying continuously throughout the day Still gives a comfortable ear feeling that does not hurt the ear Overall function Considered very good use Compared to famous brands Considered extremely worthwhile For the sale price will be 2,990 baht.