Alongside exhibitors: PiuVenduti.It is born

The Covid-19 emergency makes the use of E-Commerce take off. The long period of blocking the activities of the Italian companies for the lockdown has enhanced the forms of online shopping by making all e-commerce initiatives fly. Statistics say that one in three companies has now entrusted part of their business to the web.

Precisely to give a concrete answer to this new need for purchase orientation, it arises PiuVenduti.It. A new Marketplace that aims to enhance the products and services of companies in the Italian market, bringing together the needs of supply and demand for the product categories: fashion & accessories, hi-tech, home & design, entertainment, beauty and personal care, food & beverage and travel.

How the new marketplace works

A web shopping center with categories divided by city areas and type of products, where users can orient themselves street by street with their favorite purchases. The project looks at Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, dedicating dedicated activity sheets, where companies can create their own showcase with a personalized form, putting their activity online with specific analysis and reviews of their products and services, with the possibility to carry out both the sale and delivery automatically and simply.

PiuVenduti.It wants to represent global neighborhood shopping center, supported by a specific campaign called “Vivo Italiano”, for the enhancement of products and services made in Italy