Almadhi Sweets – Now in the flea market, sweet close to home!

As you enter, it’s hard to decide what to focus on, the sweet trays – authentic clavas and cappuccino for all flavors and toppings, all there is to choose, and on the stove Mehdi wins and prepares personalized nappa dishes for the addictive ghee butter and syrup straight to the heart and soul.

In the “Alhamey Sweets”, 48 types of Eastern sweet and delicacies produce everything handmade from natural ingredients only in cashew, almond, green Turkish pestock, pine nuts and walnuts, health bombs.

Everything is decorated with real butter and absorbed with just a little syrup to sweeten but leave the flavors delicate and healthy, creating a light cloud of sweetness in the mouth, creating a craving for another bite and another and another petty one on the way…

Kanappa can add Turkish cream ice cream from goat’s milk, to cold and heat contrasts and textures.

(Pictured above – Pastry Chef and Owner – Mehdi Arslan)

Of course, you can take home, including trays for events, but it is much more fun to sit there, enjoy the colorful and special flea market atmosphere, and have some strong, strong coffee next to a plate of sweet.

There are various options for cannabis – stuffed with Brinese sheep cheese, “Nebulasia” with Cadif Nebulasia dough, “Istanbul” – Cadaf with pistachio, cashew, almonds and walnuts, Nazareth-style nappa which is a kadaf hair at minced pistachio base and even vegan napa based on tofu or pistachio.

“Almahdi Sweets” is located at 4 Nachman Street in the heart of the Tel Aviv flea market and is open seven days a week from 9 am to the latest, (which can be up to 3 am as well …)

Phone: 054-5385210

Disabled Access: There is