All the opposition suspends the electoral acts in A Mariña, on the coast of Lugo, due to the coronavirus outbreak that grows to 59 cases

Fifty-nine people have contracted the coronavirus in A Mariña, on the coast of Lugo, since the start of the outbreak was detected on June 23. The Xunta continues to trace contacts – yesterday it claimed to have carried out more than 900 PCR tests in the region – and there are 500 people confined. The rebound has fully impacted the electoral campaign. The BNG and the PSdeG have announced today that they suspend all their acts in the area. Yesterday Galicia en Común did it.

The Health Department reports that in the last 24 hours it has diagnosed 12 new infections. According to her version, the majority of the 59 patients “are asymptomatic or present mild symptoms, and they are required to be quarantined for 14 days.” Two of them are admitted to the Hospital da Mariña and “their evolution is favorable”. Sanidade also explains that “those whose results were negative remain in follow-up at home.”

Last Monday, the Galician government published an order in the Official Gazette of Galicia that “delayed” the restoration of activities of the premises “and other nightlife establishments, and of parties, festivals and other popular events, as well as of the fairground attractions “in A Mariña” as a consequence of the evolution of the epidemiological situation derived from COVID-19 “. Some political parties have taken action just nine days before the elections.

Yesterday it was Galicia en Común that canceled its agenda in the region for “caution and prudence” and sent its “support” to the people affected. Today the PSdeG and the BNG have joined. The nationalist candidate for the presidency of the Xunta, Ana Pontón, maintains that they do it “for responsibility.” In addition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo inquires about “where is the protocol of the Government of the Xunta to deal with a regrowth, where is your plan. She had four months to do it. “

The global data of the epidemic in Galicia, always to say of the data offered by the Consellería de Sanidade, put the total number of active cases of coronavirus at 318. There are four people hospitalized, 314 at home, and no one in intensive care. 191,945 PCR tests have been carried out, 10,665 patients have been cured and the dead amount to 619.