There are LEGO fans who, as soon as they get a new set, build it and keep it ready somewhere. Others, on the other hand, unload, disassemble, transform the sets, and even collect all the building blocks in one place. Especially for the latter game lovers can benefit from an application.

Running on iPhones or Macs running iOS 13 or later, Apple’s operating system, Brickit promises to scan the building blocks lying in a pile and then recognize them and offer new unpackable shapes. You don’t even have to worry about searching when items are beetled by players from the pile, as the app even has the ability to highlight the pieces you need from your photos.

Based on user feedback, the thing really works, although contrary to promises, the colors are not yet recognized by the system. Many have also complained that the app also offers unloadable shapes for which you have not found all the building blocks – although this is indicated separately in the app.