Alfa Romeo: Kimi goes to the Opera in the new Stelvio My 2020 spot

A frame of the spot

The adventures of the Raikkonen spouses continue in the third television spot dedicated to the new ones Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio MY2020.

The new chapter of the advertising saga, created by the FCA brand with the advertising agency This Is Ideal, opens with Minttu is on board Giulia, Kimi at work in the Alfa Romeo Racing pits. You don’t even have to take your hands off the wheel to call him. And he just needs this call to leave everything, get on Stelvio and join her at the Opera. The campaign planning is managed by Starcom.

The commercial tells of the approach of both spouses to the Opera, who despite the traffic, are going to the show. Punctuality is not a problem, thanks to the new technologies on board both models, but the haste to change clothes can make one of the two protagonists forget a fundamental detail to complete a perfect look.

The double narration, which follows both Kimi and Minttu, allows you to simultaneously appreciate the internal details and some of the new features of the Stelvio and Giulia MY2020. To emphasize the elegance and the new tone of the Alfa Romeo narrative, the song “Je veux vivre” taken from Gounod’s opera “Romeo and Juliet” and rearranged by Flavio Ibba.

At the same time, Alfa Romeo is committed to celebrating the brand’s 110 years of history, also on an advertising level and is on air with a dedicated advertising campaign, always by This Is Ideal.

The credits of the new Alfa Romeo commercial:

  • Agenzia: This is Ideal
  • Managing Director: Mattia Garofalo
  • Creative Director: Pietro Verri, Mattia Garofalo
  • Art Director: Andrea Frediani, Alessandro Demicheli
  • Client Director: Isadora La Rosa
  • Account Manager: Martina Boran
  • Production house: Buddy Film
  • Director: Federico Brugia
  • Musica: Red Rose Music Production