After the end of the self-isolation, as she was in contact with the infected, the Duchess first attended the finals of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.
There she shone in an elegant pink dress, and she herself, as a great tennis fan, enjoyed it very much, which is nothing new, as she is known to take part in the most famous tennis matches every year. For the Wimbledon finals, the Duchess chose an elegant midi dress in pastel pink with a belt, combined with prestigious heeled shoes in a very similar shade and a folding handbag with floral embroidery.

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After self-isolation, Duchess Kate greatly missed socializing, as she visited the men’s tennis finals and the European football finals in one day, where she more than enjoyed herself.

In the evening, the wife of the future King of England, together with Prince William and his son George, visited the famous finals of European football, in which England and Italy fought for the title. The seven-year-old prince wore a jacket and tie in the colors of the English flag for the occasion. He watched with interest what was happening on the green, which was also captured by the cameras. The Duchess of Cambria paid tribute to the English football team in a white jacket and added a pair of red dangling earrings to her look.

The cameras also captured the moment when Prince George sang the English national anthem along with the others. In the final tribune, in addition to the royal couple and the president of the European Football Association (Uefa), Aleksandra Ceferina sat also Tom Cruise in David Beckham with family. As seen through television cameras, Ceferin is on very good terms with British Prince William.