Alcaraz conquers Madrid in "an hour" 1photo EPA-EFE/JUANJO MARTIN

Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaras defeated Alexander Zverev in the final of the Masters in Madrid with the result 2: 0 (6: 3, 6: 1) in just over an hour of play.

Alkaras was infallible from the baseline, from where he had many times more points than his opponent, and again, as against Djokovic, he played masterfully forehand drop-shot shots, which he hid even more successfully.

It was his 28th win of the season and fourth title, as he was the best in Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Barcelona. The second is the youngest tennis player to win two Masters tournaments in the 1000 series, and the first on that list is Rafael Nadal, who celebrated in 2005 at the age of 18 in Rome and Monte Carlo.

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