Akwasi wants to claim canal houses Entertainment

“When I see this like this … I have heard many times, or longer, that a number of buildings have been built over the backs of slaves,” he tells a group of people around him. “And that it has not been repairs either, so that the old slave owners got money from 1863 and the slaves nothing at all, then I think: ‘there I have, or you, or you … would at some point have to claim a house. I will go for that, I will soon have to live on the Herengracht. I really have to live there soon. And to show: not 1863, but 1988, to show: this is me. ”

The video was made for Funx in 2015. At the same time, videos with interviews of Akwasi emerge in which he talks about his own ancestors. In this he states that he is descended from the Ashanti, ‘aristocratic Ghanaians’. “And so it turns out that I am a descendant of black slave traders. Because I am an Ashanti Ghanaian and the Ashanti Ghanaians worked very closely with the Dutch. And they sold Ghanaians from the North. But they did not know that they would be traded as goods ”