This 2022 will bring new AirPods Pro, and they will bring important news like Lossless Audio and the charging case will make a sound when you try to locate it.

After a long time, this 2022 will finally bring a new generation of AirPods Pro. Apple’s most premium True Wireless headphones will be renewed with interesting news that will once again place them among the most advanced in their category, since the current generation of AirPods Pro no longer occupies, and it is that so many months without news has made the competition have put the batteries and there are more interesting options on the market by price and benefits.

This new generation will support Lossless Audio, that is, sound without quality loss. Right now and despite the fact that Apple Music already broadcasts with this quality, Apple headphones do not support it due to the limitations of Bluetooth connectivity and the codec that Apple uses, AAC. How is Apple going to solve this problem? Most likely they will release a new codec that supports this quality via Bluetooth, something that already exists in other brands. It could also launch its own wireless connection type “AirPlay” but it is difficult because using WiFi connectivity in such small headphones would pose many problems in terms of autonomy.

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There will also be another interesting novelty: the charging case will make a sound to be able to locate it. The AirPods will be integrated into the Search application and we will be able to find them, as we already do with the AirTags. In case we request it through the application or Siri, the case will emit a sound that will allow us to easily locate it, as AirTags and even the iPhone itself do. Right now the AirPods are making a sound, but it’s too low and hardly any use. The case has more space to be able to place a more powerful speaker and that the sound can be heard at a further distance.

When will the new AirPods Pro 2 be released? Well, if we pay attention to Kuo, who is the one who has provided all this information, we will have to wait until the last quarter of 2022, so we will still have to wait quite a few months to get them. They will most likely be announced alongside the next iPhone 14s and available before Christmas.