Ahn Mi-mi has already reported her marriage… “I was talking here and there, but no one knew.”

Ahn Young-mi (left) said on the YouTube channel’BVTV’ video released on the 3rd, “I finished the marriage report in February.”

Ahn Young-mi (37) revealed that she had completed a marriage report with her boyfriend.

Ahn Young-mi appeared on the YouTube channel’BVTV’ broadcast on the afternoon of the 3rd.

In the video, Kim Shin-young released a photo of Ahn Young-mi and her boyfriend who completed the marriage report to Yongsan-gu Office in Seoul.

Kim Shin-young is looking for a commemorative photo taken by Ahn Young-mi after reporting marriage in February on the YouTube channel’BVTV’ video released on the 3rd.

Ahn Young-mi said, “The exact date of the report is February 28, 2020.” “I never hid it, and I told everyone I met, but no one was curious and never appeared in the media.

He added, “My husband has been in the United States for 4 months, and he is saying goodbye.” He added, “I am not enjoying my newlywed life.”

‘Self Five’ members said, “We all knew it.”

While Ahn Young-mi (left) revealed the fact that she had completed the marriage report on the YouTube channel’BVTV’ released on the 3rd, Song Eun-yi (right) said, “All the celebrities were known and had a celebration party.” ) Has been released.

Since 2015, Ahn Young-mi has revealed her passion for dating with her husband and has been dating. In a radio program, she met as a guest and listener and developed into a lover.

He was seen receiving a bouquet at a wedding, and he was attracted to the question, “Isn’t marriage imminent?” On January 22, 2017, he received a bouquet at Ryu Su-young and Park Ha-sun’s wedding, and last August at Kang Yu-mi’s wedding.

Even when the semi-nude pictorial released in May caught the topic, the interview of the staff, who said, “Whenever a new cut comes out at the shooting site, I ask him how he wants to send it to his boyfriend (husband)” was also interested.

The video of’BVTV’, in which Ahn Young-mi revealed the marriage report, was made with the concept of a press conference in commemoration of the exclusive contract with’Media Lab Seesaw’. Kim Shin-young and Shin Bong-sun, who transferred before Ahn Young-mi, also appeared.

Ahn Young-mi made her debut as the 19th KBS public bond comedian in 2004, and appeared in’Gag Concert’ (KBS2),’Comedy Big League’ (tvN), and’SNL Korea’ (tvN). He is currently appearing in MBC’Radio Star’.

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