Affordable next-generation console Xbox Series S is coming | the Teknolojiok

One of the important names in the console industry Microsoft, In July, the first party will organize a short event that focuses on games. According to the leaked information, the only thing that will be shown in this event will not be games. Because it has been on the agenda of the game industry for a long time. Lockhart The affordable new generation Xbox console, which we know by codename, is expected to be introduced at the same event. The name of the console Xbox Series S it will be.

Affordable next-generation console Xbox Series S is coming

Xbox Series S, which will be Microsoft’s signature, will be at a very low level compared to Series X in terms of specifications. For The Verge Series Swill run games at 1080p and 1440p resolution, and 4 teraflops GPUHe claims to get power from.

device RAM and its processor Series Xwill remain quite low compared to. The price of the console, where you can only get the games digitally, has not become clear yet.

Obviously looking at the leaked information Xbox Series S’in Xbox One Xseems to be powerless even from. So how will this console run new generation games?

if Xbox Series S If it’s powerful enough to run next-gen games, then Xbox One X will also run. because of Xbox One X There is no need for new generation consoles when available. We will probably get answers to these questions at the event next month.