In the world of sneakers, pushing boundaries is not devilish at all, be it color, shape or function. However, Adidas was able to show something new in this as well: it introduced the longest shoe today, with a nose that is 1 meter long. He unveiled his model, christened Superstar, together with the Estonian rapper Tommy Cash.

“When I suggested to Adidas that we wanted to create the longest shoe in the world as part of our collaboration, they were with it,‘ what af ***, Tommy? ’. But five months later we are still here. ” Wrote on his community page 29-year-old rapper, singer, conceptual artist.

In addition to its size, its color scheme also goes against tradition: one shoe is black and the other is white. Cash explained in a statement that contrasting pairing embodies both the angel and the devil who live in it. “Why hide one side of our personality when they are perfectly next to each other, even when they are constantly at war with each other?” He asked the poetic question.

Cash mood is undeniably reflected in this pair of Superstar. Anyone who feels related to the rapper can also express and convey this feeling to the world: through the Adidas app, you can buy limited edition, eccentric footwear. You can do all this at a relatively friendly price, for 8399 rubles, for about 35 thousand forints.