Aktual’s leader Klemen Bunderla is with imitation Adi Smolar and the song I’m crazy won the second season of the show, so Marie’s Sunday imitation of the Slovenian singer-songwriter could be compared to Klemen’s.

And in the match “Who is better Ada” he won convincingly Mario Pešić, for which he was also congratulated by the radio face, who this time sat in the place of the fourth guest juror. “In this match, I cheered for Maria, who performed perfectly. When I came up with this point years ago, it all went wrong. (laughter) That’s why I was so much happier for Maria, whom I sincerely congratulate on everything. He was better than me in all respects, as he is more like Adi in terms of constitution, so he is the absolute winner of this battle and the comparison of imitations, “ admitted Bunderla, and Mario added that the fight was very demanding. “I admit that it was not easy for me, because I knew I had to repeat at least as good a performance as Klemen, who won with this imitation years ago. I had an extra lot of pressure because I knew the real Adi Smolar was watching me from the home couch. I am very happy with the victory and I believe that Adi would definitely say that he liked my performance. “

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Fun Klemen Bunderla commented on Marie’s performance with Adi Smolar’s wig.