AirPods Pro

One of the devices that has been rumored to be renewed in September is the AirPods Pro. It was speculated that the second generation would have more autonomy, better design and even some new function. However, it seems that all this may be in the background because it is likely, according to new rumors, that it will continue to come with the Lightning charging port. In the middle of 2022 we will not have the USB-C standard that some Apple devices already use and it is not expected to arrive until 2023.

The rumor has been launched by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a few accurate news behind him. That is why any news that he comments or broadcasts through his Twitter account must be treated seriously. On this occasion, what he tells us is that the AirPods Pro, second generation, they will not come with the USB-C standard but we will still have the Lightning port.

Why doesn’t Apple already adapt that USB-C as it has done, for example, in the iPad? Admittedly, you may not need that much speed for your upload. But outside of technical aspects, we would have to see a bit of user comfort. It is not the same that you have different Apple devices with different chargers than with the same one. In addition, the worldwide trend is for chargers to be unified. That way you save on costs. and pollute less when recycling gadgets.

The point is that Kuo says that we won’t see that standard until 2023, so I don’t think it’s a technical reason that prevents Apple from introducing it this September. there will be something else and I’m afraid it must be an economic issue, with which Apple will save many millions by continuing to use Lightning.